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Sarah Pinault was born in England, where she lived peacefully until her handsome Prince turned out to be a Mainer. She relocated in 2003 and has been happily living in Vacation Land ever since. Sarah is the mother of two boys, and writes about living the Maine life at She is a craft junkie, and a glutton for the written word.

The Heartbleed Bug: Which Passwords Should You Change?

GeekMom Sarah pauses for a moment to contemplate steps the everyday user can take in light of the Heartbleed bug.

More Wil Wheaton in Your Life: The Wil Wheaton Project

If you're looking for a little more Wil Wheaton in your life, and who isn't? Then I suggest you head over to today as he finally announces that top secret project of his.

<em>Toca Band</em>: Free App for World Autism Awareness Day

Get your groove on with Toca Band, free in the app store in honor of World Autism Awareness Day.

<em>Wolverine: The Musical</em>

Take a few minutes out of your day for one more YouTube video. I promise you, Wolverine: The Musical will not disappoint.

Go On an Adventure With <em>Tad, The Lost Explorer</em>

If you're looking for some international animation with a Harrison Ford feel, look no further than Tad, The Lost Explorer, or as GeekMom Sarah prefers to say it, Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones!

Kindergarten and Herd Immunity

When your child goes to kindergarten this year, what kind of herd are they joining and do you have a right to know?

A Moomin Celebration

Tove Jansson’s The Moomins have a been a book translated into 44 languages, a comic strip, a cartoon, a stop action animation, a 3D film, an opera, and a theme park. This year Jansson's beloved Finland ...

10 Ways To Get Your Post <em>Downton</em> Fix

Looking for a British fix post Downton Abbey? GeekMom and British transplant Sarah offers some tongue in cheek, some serious, suggestions for your British needs.

The Cost of Licensing a Birthday Party

A birthday party using licensed characters is no mean feat, as GeekMom Sarah found out while planning her son's Thomas themed party.

Big Bang Barr Blanket

GeekMom Sarah took the plunge on a mammoth craft project, and winds up on the couch (almost) with Johnny Galecki.