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Sarah Pinault was born in England, where she lived peacefully until her handsome Prince turned out to be a Mainer. She relocated in 2003 and has been happily living in Vacation Land ever since. Sarah is the mother of two boys, and writes about living the Maine life at She is a craft junkie, and a glutton for the written word.

A Great Scottish Export? <em>The Gruffalo</em>.

"A moose took a dauner through the deep, mirk widd. A tod saw the moose and the moose looked guid." A favored children's book, in Scottish?

The Mysterious Energy Source of My Children

While your parental energy resources dwindle as the evening wears on, have you considered that your toddler's source of energy may be otherworldly?

What <em>Downton Abbey</em> Season Five Can Do For Me!

GeekMom Sarah ponders what the future holds for life at Downton Abbey.

A Great British Export: The Gruffalo

Oh help! Oh no! It's a Gruffalo. Who do you expect to meet on a walk in the deep dark woods?

Something less fantastical from Tim Burton this way comes. Big Eyes, his biopic of Margaret Keane, opens on Christmas Day.

<em>Muppets Most Wanted</em>: The Unnecessarily Extended Edition

It's time to light the lights with the Muppets Most Wanted bonus features!

<em>Into The Storm</em>: Different Angles

Into The Storm, a cheesy disaster move that is surprisingly spot on with it's views on society.

Reading Comic Books With Your Pre-Schooler

How to cull a comic book collection for your pre-schooler.

<em>The Desolation of Smaug</em> (With Tweets)

Eight months later, GeekMom Sarah finds her love of dragons exceeds her dislike of franchises and settles in with The Desolation of Smaug.

What’s In a Name: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola rolls out its "Share a Coke" campaign. Is your name teen- and millennial-approved?