Eccentrics R Us

Not just another apple off the tree. (iblushay, cco public domain)

Truly eccentric people aren’t trying to stand out. They simply do their best to live in a world of conventions while simply being themselves.

When Toys Seek Revenge

Chances are, toys will be seeking vengeance in your home any time now. Learn from our experiences and beware Revenge of the Toys.

Raising Citizens of the World

raising Earth citizens, planetary citizens, global learners

Here are dozens of ideas and resources for helping our kids understand the many ways they’re linked to their fellow beings on this beautiful blue/green planet.

Safe & Warm Car Seat Solutions: 7 AM Enfant

7 am Enfant, safe car seat warmth,

We now know our little ones shouldn’t wear winter coats or snowsuits in the car. That’s because fluffy outwear diminishes car seat safety in a crash. The Car Seat Lady and 7 AM Enfant have a dozen solutions.

We Love Language Maps

Language maps show you what words and phrases are trending, how dialect distinguishes us, and how words sound in different languages.

Gift Guide to Offbeat Valentine’s Day Surprises


Stop! Don’t even consider giving a clichéd gift when you can adorn your loved one in the Milky Way, hang science from her ears, make hot sauce together, read aloud from a steamy steampunk novel, and much more.

Hidden Gems Are the Perfect Appetizers

Extra-crunch version made with almond meal. (image: L. Weldon)

Roll anything you want in the center of these crusty, cheesy appetizers. Better yet, you can make them in advance. Even freeze them. Betcha these will become a favorite with your family too.