Laura Grace Weldon is the author of a poetry collection titled Tending as well as Free Range Learning, a handbook of natural learning. She lives on a small farm with her family where she's working on her new project, Subversive and blogging optimistically.

When You’re Having a Crappy Day

We’re fighting a hardwired tendency. Our brains pay more attention to the negative than the positive.

DIY: Monster Style Pants Repair

Allow ripped pants to live again with a silly and quick to apply patch.

Why Do We Care About Celebrities?

Technology may intersect with, even intrude upon the way we humans form connections to one another.

Cool Tools: Make Things, Figure Out Things, Do Things Better

Find the best, the cheapest, and the only tools available to do the job.

Let A Robot Clean Up After Your Cat

A Litter-Robot handles the dirty work around here.

Seven Sketching Hacks for the Artistically Inhibited

Easy ways to slide into the habit of drawing.

Spring Treat: Fried Dandelion Blossoms

Let kids harvest bright yellow dandelion flowers for a unusual spring treat.

Ministry of Supply: Men’s Office Wear With Tech Cred

Ministry of Supply has reinvented men's clothes. Think dress shirts made from NASA heat-regulating material and socks infused with odor-absorbing carbonized coffee. Style as well as tech cred for guys on the move.