Kay Moore Kay Moore

Kay works with engineers, scientists, and programmers as a writer and editor, which she prefers over working with muggles. When sufficiently caffeinated, she geeks out over words, communication, biology, needlework, and recreational sports. Oh, and chocolate. Her children _may_ have been exposed to D&D at a too-young age, but they continue to play happily to this day.

Pirate Day Book Review: Scott Chantler’s <em>Pirates of the Silver Coast</em>

This all-ages graphic novel features a feisty, adventurous girl seeking her lost brother in a fantasy medieval setting.

The World of Cartoons Explored in <em>Stripped</em>; Save 39%

The award-winning documentary about the past and future of cartooning has a Deluxe Edition (with over 26 hours of content!) available at a discount for a limited time.

Halloween ComicFest Brings Free, Fun Comics to Halloween

Another fun day offering free comic books is heading your way: Halloween ComicFest. Most shops will celebrate on October 25, with bundles of mini comic books available for sale to trick-or-treaters.

Tiny FoxL Dash7 Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar Delivers Big Sound

The tiny Dash7 Bluetooth stereo soundbar from Soundmatters delivers big sound, with several drawbacks.

Book Review: <em>The Secret Language of Color</em>

Find out what can you look forward to when dipping into The Secret Life of Color by Joanne and Arielle Eckstut.

Google Doodle, John Venn Birthday, and Cuteness: Venn Diagram Go!

The August 4 Google Doodle observes John Venn's 180th birthday with creative an adorable interactive Venn diagram generator.

Tricky Treat? Get Mini Comics from Halloween ComicFest

Bundles of mini-comic books for Halloween treats are available for pre-order from local comic book shops.

Rehabilitation centers are using knitted nests to house baby birds. Links to knitting and crochet patterns and more information are provided.

Lovecraft’s <em>Mountains of Madness</em> Begins at Kickstarter

Lovers of Lovecraft and Cthulhu have a chance to honor Those Who Cannot Be Named by backing a Kickstarter project to animate the master's most highly lauded novella.

Go asteroid hunting with a new web app and join the ranks of citizen scientists.