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Open Letter: Sony, You Can and Should Do Better

An open letter to Sony regarding its decision to cancel the release of The Interview.

The GeekMoms’ Christmas Trees and the Geeky Stories Behind Them

The GeekMoms thought it would be fun to share our Christmas trees and the geeky stories behind them. We'd love to see and hear yours!

When Your Adult Child Still Lives at Home and Their S/O Moves In

Your adult child still lives at home and they want their significant-other to move in. What would you do? I said, “No problem!” Find out why.

Trans Parenting: I’m Called “Mum” But We Don’t Celebrate Mother’s Day

Ninety-nine percent of people in my life neglected to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. The result: It was the best Mother’s Day of my parental life.

Planning My Geeky-Queer Wedding: Lessons Learned and Miscellaneous Extra Touches

The time has finally come to wrap up the Planning My Geeky-Queer Wedding series with lessons learned, and the miscellaneous extra touches not mentioned in previous posts.

If You Are Transgender, Google May Out You. Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself.

If you are transgender and use one identity for Google+, and have to use another for work or family, Google may out you. Here are some steps to protect yourself.

Book Review: <em>Ex-Purgatory</em> Is a Welcomed Addition to the <em>Ex</em> Series

Ex-Purgatory: A Novel by Peter Clines is the fourth installment in Clines’ Ex series. It’s a solid read and very welcomed addition to one of my favorite series.

55 Canadianisms: The Fallout and the Aftermath

National headlines, radio interviews, and an honourable mention from the English department at UBC. GeekMom Jules reviews some of the fallout of the Canadianisms survey.

6 <em>Downton Abbey</em> Needlepoint Projects While You Wait

If you are eagerly anticipating the series four premiere of Downton Abbey on Sunday, why not pass the time working on one of these six needlepoint projects?

Excerpt and Giveaway: Win a Copy of <em>Dark Talisman</em>

If you live in the United States or Canada, you could win one of five copies of the YA fantasy Dark Talisman by Steven M. Booth.