Ode to An Exhausted Mom: A Valentine’s Call To Arms


I could hear heavy breaths and a tone of concern coming from the other side of the sheet.

“Mom… Are you coming out?”
(Was that a bit of panic I heard? )
“Yes. Give me a minute,” I muttered, taking deep breaths to calm my voice.
I was sitting in the middle of my kid’s sheet fort, cross cross applesauce, taking deep breaths, in, out, in out. I. Was. Losing it.
“Mom, it’s fine, I promise.”
“Just, can you just give mom a minute, please?”
My voice was pleading, almost. A last effort of calm in this desperate moment, trying not to give into the darkness.

I could hear his feet plodding away. I could feel his inaudible sigh. My 12-year-old, having to go watch his 4-year-old brother so that I can have a bit of a breakdown thanks to hallmark. And, yeah, I didn’t capitalize their name. Because I’m not going to go there right now.

Valentines day is causing a crisis right now, and I’m spiraling fast. Continue reading Ode to An Exhausted Mom: A Valentine’s Call To Arms

How GishWhes Changed My Life. Sorta.

You’re probably wondering why I’m sitting here at a four-star restaurant having wine with a stuffed beaver.



No, it’s not a sneeze. Or a sneeze blessing.

Let’s travel back to this past summer, shall we?

To be extremely clear, I honestly did not know what GishWhes was, nor had I even heard the term, until this past summer. A chance encounter with a kindred spirit at a Halloween party led me to an invitation to be a part of the largest global scavenger hunt in the world. Continue reading How GishWhes Changed My Life. Sorta.