He Said/She Said: Gendered Genre in Arrow and The Flash


Intro: It’s supposed to be the golden era of geek television with The Flash and Arrow leading the mass audience to superheroes. But we have our issues with these shows. They’re decent but they could be so much better. WARNING: Spoilers up to the mid-winter finales of The Flash and Arrow. Corrina: Once upon a time, I loved Arrow. The first season ended so well

Book Review: Chicks Dig Gaming


In Chicks Dig Gaming, 35 female contributors bring a ton of talent and a wide range of experiences to the table, with appeal to gamers of all stripes.

The Cliffs of Insanity: 5 Superhero Plots That Need to Staked Through the Heart


Welcome to this week’s adventures climbing the cliffs of insanity. It should be a great time to be a geek watching television. Arrow and The Flash crossed over. Gotham ended its initial one with a great episode. We have the Doctor Who Christmas special upcoming. The Walking Dead continues to be a juggernaut. And Preacher might be coming to AMC as a prestige series.

The Perfect Gift for Any Pathfinder Fiend


The Pathfinder Monster Codex is a great addition to any Pathfinder library, providing unique and useful content on twenty popular races of monster.