ConnectiCon Cosplay Parade

My twins, cosplaying as Ness and Kumatora from Earthbound.

While the West Coast was busy with Comic Con in San Diego, I was busy taking my minions to ConnectiCon.

#LoveWins Among Geeks Too

T-800, Terminator, #lovewins

A lot of geeks were celebrating the Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage yesterday. Here are two of them.

The Many Lives of Black Canary


Did you know that Black Canary once switched bodies with her daughter? We explore that and other incarnations.

Geek Speaks…Fiction!


GeekDad Anthony Karcz admits that, yes, Saturday morning cartoons can lead to superhero novels.

Happy Father’s Day!

sisko, DSP

Happy Father’s Day to all. Images via: Paramount, Universal Television, and Universal Pictures.