Ariane Coffin Ariane Coffin

Ariane is a programmer by day, a writer by night, and a mom somewhere in between. She is married to another programmer, and together they have a two daughters who don't stand a chance against their nerdy lineage.

Discussing the Journey to Mars with <em>StarTalk Live</em>!

I recently attended a StarTalk Live show in Los Angeles, where Bill Nye and Eugene Mirman lead the conversation about Mars exploration with JPL scientists.

Daydreaming About Quitting Your Desk Job: What’s Your Plan B?

When your job starts getting to you, what alternative do you daydream about? Mine involves alpacas.

Introducing the 2015 Summer Immersion Program at Girls Who Code

Sophomore and junior high school girls are encouraged to apply to the Girls Who Code 7-week summer immersion program, offered in about a dozen cities across the U.S.

New Study Reveals Need for More Educational Apps

A new study published in Spurious Science has shown that 105% of parents want more educational apps for teaching letters and numbers zero through ten.

New Year Resolution vs. New Year Mantra

Last year I decided to try something new. Rather than making a resolution, I would assign my new year a word. A mantra. Here's how it changed my life, one opportunity at a time!

A Thermal Camera for Your Mobile Devices

The new Seek thermal camera attaches to your smartphone and reveals an array of practical uses.

One GeekMom’s Impression of Hello Kitty Con 2014

Hello Kitty Con 2014: I went in with high hopes and left with mixed feelings.

How Popular Programming Languages Got Their Names

Ever wondered why C++ ended up with two pluses instead of one? Did the creators of Java have a particular fixation with coffee? Read on to find out!

<em>You Are Here</em>: A New Book From Astronaut Chris Hadfield

From astronaut Chris Hadfield is a new book showing us what we all have in common, our home. This is planet Earth as seen from the ISS, one picture at a time.

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Now With More Quizzes

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, here's a quiz about discoveries and inventions. Can you correctly identify which were made by women, and which were not?