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Amy Kraft is a kids' media producer, writer, and game designer living in New York City. She also writes the kids' media blog Media Macaroni.

ComiXology: The Changing Face of Comic Book Readers

ComiXology has much that's new in time for NYCC: new partnerships, new sales, and even a new kind of reader.

By teaching other kids to play Minecraft using Toontastic, kids can win a prize package from MinecraftEDU and Launchpad Toys.

Maker Faire New York this year had more than ever to do with (and buy for) kids.

Maker Faire New York: Fueling My 3D Fantasies

If you have an interest in 3D printing, Maker Faire has the power to turn that interest into an obsession.

The sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs doesn't disappoint fans of the first movie. Plus, adorable foodimals!

<em>Toolbox Jewelry</em>: Adornments for Makers

Toolbox Jewelry is one of the best Klutz kits yet, perfect for young, fashionable makers.

<em>Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters</em> Director Thor Freudenthal Balances Humor and Darkness

Thor Freudenthal gives a behind the scenes peek at Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

Preschoolers Make It Snow in August

Amaze preschoolers with your magical instant snow and Mentos geysers.

Grumpy Catbus is Out of Service

You need this print mashup of Grumpy Cat and My Neighbor Totoro.

Diving Into <em>Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters</em>

Percy Jackson fans are going to be pleased with the second screen installment, Sea of Monsters.