My Speakeasy Addiction


Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins is an addictive web series that gives you a rare earnest look into the world of comedy and entertainment.

Toon Academy: Minecraft


By teaching other kids to play Minecraft using Toontastic, kids can win a prize package from MinecraftEDU and Launchpad Toys.

Was it Book Expo or Star Wars Expo?


As I walked the floors of this year’s Book Expo America, I noticed Star Wars popping up in booth after booth. Here are some of the books coming soon to a galaxy near you.

Storytelling With the Disney Story App


Disney recently invited me to have a closer look at their new app, Story, which lets you pull images from your iPhone’s photo gallery and edit them together within a themed album that you can format and caption into a coherent story to share with your friends and family.