Magick For Terri Windling


Terri Windling is a truly magical woman. And perhaps even more importantly, she’s a bringer of magic. I discovered her work through the short stories collections she co-edited with Ellen Datlow, revisiting fairy tales in various dark, deep, deviant, weird, beautiful, mysterious, tremendous ways, such as Snow White, Blood Red or Black Thorn, White Rose. I love retellings of fairy tales. I’ve researched them, taught

Ray Bradbury: More Afraid of People Than Robots


For those of you who wouldn’t know, the Guardian Reading Group began with Ray Bradbury’s dystopian classic, Fahrenheit 451, by readers’ choice. That’s a great, revolutionary choice (so they said), that will especially appeal to us geek people in love with classical sci-fi, and to us parents looking for books to discuss with our children. Utopian and dystopian fiction is a fascinating subject, or so

Mansions of Madness Will Drive You Deliciously Insane


Let’s make it short : GeekDad Michael Harrison didn’t like Mansions of Madness. I did. If you haven’t heard about it, Mansions of Madness is the newest board game by Fantasy Flight Games. It’s a mix between Arkham Horror (for the Cthulhu-verse and the Investigators characters) and Descent (for the modular tile map-building and the Keeper’s role in putting obstacles on the way of the

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Soap Bubbles

  Fabrice Jouvenot, scientific explainer at the French science museum La Cité des Sciences, drives his cycle in Paris’ streets and show “the magic of soap bubbles”. The video, directed by Roland Cros, is provided by, the scientific web-tv of the Cité des Sciences and the Palais de la Découverte in Paris. is charge-free and ad-free… for now, at least. But let’s talk