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New Year’s Resolutions: Declutter With <em>Next Issue</em>

This "Netflix for magazines" app is pretty great for eliminating piles of periodicals around the house.

Discussing the Journey to Mars with <em>StarTalk Live</em>!

I recently attended a StarTalk Live show in Los Angeles, where Bill Nye and Eugene Mirman lead the conversation about Mars exploration with JPL scientists.

Simple Isn’t Always Simple for Anxiety and Depression Sufferers

Simple tasks for you might not be so simple for someone with anxiety or depression.

Chuck Wendig’s <em>Atlanta Burns</em> Raises Some Eyebrows

Chuck Wendig's latest young adult novel, Atlanta Burns, is causing a bit of a stir around the interwebs.

Daydreaming About Quitting Your Desk Job: What’s Your Plan B?

When your job starts getting to you, what alternative do you daydream about? Mine involves alpacas.

Tennant Turns Purple for Netflix Series

David Tennant lands the role of Purple Man for A.K.A. Jessica Jones.

Comic Book Corner — <em>Star Wars</em>, <em>The X-Files</em>, & <em>Princess Ugg</em>

Happy new comic book release day! Today we check out Star Wars #1, The X-Files, and Princess Ugg.

Hoots up There? Building a Barred Owl Box

GeekMom Maryann shows you how to build and install a Barred Owl box for your backyard.

Should We “Dilute the Kool-Aid” When Answering Kids’ Science Questions?

GeekMom Patricia has a term for watering down answers to kids' "Why" questions: Diluting the Kool-Aid.

20 Quirky Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Un-cliché your Valentine's Day. Create a heart out of something unexpected, commit anonymous good deeds, or try any of our other out-of-the-ordinary ideas.