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Win a Free Costume Up To $75 From Costume Super Center!

Enter to win the costume of your choice valued up to $75 from CostumeSuperCenter just in time for con season, or to be ready early for Halloween!

<em>Lumberjanes #1</em>: Friendship to the Max!

Lumberjanes: A comic for girls/women/Hardcore Lady Types of all ages!

Microsoft: OneDrive, OneNote, Snazzy New Hardware, and More

Microsoft has made a couple of changes in recent months. Read about some of the changes and some new Windows hardware.

A Refreshing Walk Around Austin, TX at SXSW

It's possible that I'm getting older. But after two days of the craziness of SXSW, I decided that I was going to walk. And walk. And walk. Being something ...

A Surprise Gadget Love: The Sensor Velocity V200 Iron

GeekMom Sarah is surprised by a gadget she never saw coming: The humble iron, not so humble anymore.

Seattle’s Innovators Assemble for LEGO’s Build for Good

LEGO, inspired by a 7th grader who combined his love of LEGO with the genuine desire to do something good for people, issued the Build for Good Challenge ...

Scholarly Freebies at Oxford University Press During National Library Week

A massive treasure trove of scholarly gems, normally locked up tight behind fully operational internet security, will be available April 13-19 in honor of ...

11-Year-Old Writes a Book About Space – and It’s Good!

Walter Levin's The Kid Who Went to the Moon fulfills every kid’s fantasy in more ways than one.

DIY Vermicomposting I: Compost Year-Round with a Small Investment

The first post in our series will present you with an inexpensive way to start a DIY vermicomposting worm bin of your very own.

5 Geeky Paper-and-String Easter Egg Ideas

Geek up your eggs with these simple decoupage and string art ideas.