Falling for Chuck, Part Two: NIPS – a Screen, Not a Diagnostic

What would you think if your doctor called to say there was a 99% chance that your baby had Down Syndrome?

Diary of a Geeky Pregnancy Weeks 5-8: The Mayor Compliments My Shoes

In this installment of Diary of a Geeky Pregnancy: Kate deals with the lovely symptoms of first trimester pregnancy, resorts to watching cheesy rom-coms while confined to her apartment with nausea, meets the Mayor of Chicago, and sees her baby’s heartbeat via ultrasound.

Voting is for the Girls!

  We raise our children to be the bosses of their own bodies. We teach them to dress and wash and feed themselves, and to keep their private parts private. But if our children happen to be daughters, there’s an oft-neglected aspect of self-care that we must impart: Voting. It may seem strange to count … Continue reading Voting is for the Girls!