GeekMom: Comic Book Corner — <em>Batman: Eternal</em>, <em>Avatar: The Search</em>, <em>The X-Files</em>, and More!

This week, we look at Runaways, Avatar, Batman: Eternal, Tomb Raider, The X-Files, and Moon Knight.

Comic Book Corner — January 8th, 2014–Batman, Star Wars, X-Files & Frankenstein

Corrina finds the special expanded edition of Detective Comics #27 far too cynical, Lisa Tate reviews the graphic novel I, Frankenstein in preparation for seeing the movie based on it, Kelly Knox reviews Dark ...

So much of what we do today–as moms, and simply as citizens of the 21st century–relies on an open Internet. We’ve really come to take it for granted. Chatting with Grandma over Skype. Being able to ...

GeekMom: Comic Book Corner — Batman is 75 and Cars Turn Into Monsters!

A collection of Batman books, cars that become monsters, a new zombie book from DC, and Archie #656, all this week in Comic Book Corner.

DIY: Monster Style Pants Repair

Allow ripped pants to live again with a silly and quick to apply patch.

GeekMom: Comic Book Corner — <em>Forever Evil</em> Ends, <em> Bee and PuppyCat</em>, <em>Justice League</em>, and <em>Afterlife With Archie</em>!

Rachel talks about an an all-ages Kickstarter comic, Corrina reviews how DC ended Forever Evil on a whimper, Lisa looks at the latest Astro City offering, and Melody peeks in on Afterlife With Archie.

<em>Robot Burp Head Smartypants</em>: Can You Burp A Bedtime Story?

Annette Simon's robot buddies return in their game of one-upmanship in Robot Burp Head Smartypants.

Women Destroy Science Fiction! This Kickstarter Will Wreck Everything!

Women Destroy Science Fiction, an all-women double-issue coming in June from Lightspeed Magazine, got Kickstarter-funded in under 24 hours. But they're not done yet! Here's what you can do to help destroy even more ...

GeekMom: Comic Book Corner — <em>Justice League Beyond, Vampire Diaries</em>, and <em>X-Files</em>

This week Sophie delves into the world of The X-Files, while Dakster discovers a new universe in Justice League Beyond and Corrina takes a look at Vampire Diaries.

GeekMom: Comic Book Corner—Batman, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn

This week, we review that latest issue of Batgirl, featuring a tense confrontation between Babs Gordon and her dad, a Batman Christmas carol, and the first issue of the new Harley Quinn on-going series.