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PAX Prime: How to Raise Happy Geeks

PAX Prime 2012 / Photo: Tim Post

At PAX Prime 2013, GeekMoms and GeekDads joined together to present Raising the Next Generation of Geeks, enhanced by the presence of four geek offspring: the product, proof, and witnesses to our geek parenting practices.

Roll For It, by Calliope Games, Enters Final Days of Kickstarter

Roll For It, a Calliope game now on Kickstarter. Image: Calliope Games, used with permission.

Roll For It is a new dice game by Calliope up on Kickstarter now. The game is a strategy and press-your-luck game with hints of other dice games thrown in. My husband and I played a demo of it at PAX Prime in 2012 and really enjoyed it. The Kickstarter only has a couple of days left!

Why GeekMoms Rock!

Geek Mom Book, Natania Barron, Jenny Williams, Corrina Lawson

When you’re a woman you’re supposed to be grateful for crumbs. I don’t want crumbs anymore I want the whole cake and the icing too.
—Billie Jean King 2005

The Cliffs of Insanity: Cosplayers

croft cropped

I followed the controversy surrounding how a member of the press treated Lara Croft cosplayers at PAX East, mourned Roger Ebert and Carmine Infantino, and went shopping for refrigerators.

On Explaining Wheaton’s Law


The day you have kids, you have to change your language. I don’t mean you have to learn a new one, but that you have to start eliminating all the words you don’t want them to use once they’re old enough to talk. This is not an easy task. Once you try to stop saying the words that got you in trouble back in grade