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PAX Prime: How to Raise Happy Geeks

PAX Prime 2012 / Photo: Tim Post

At PAX Prime 2013, GeekMoms and GeekDads joined together to present Raising the Next Generation of Geeks, enhanced by the presence of four geek offspring: the product, proof, and witnesses to our geek parenting practices.

Roll For It, by Calliope Games, Enters Final Days of Kickstarter

Roll For It, a Calliope game now on Kickstarter. Image: Calliope Games, used with permission.

Roll For It is a new dice game by Calliope up on Kickstarter now. The game is a strategy and press-your-luck game with hints of other dice games thrown in. My husband and I played a demo of it at PAX Prime in 2012 and really enjoyed it. The Kickstarter only has a couple of days left!

Why GeekMoms Rock!

Geek Mom Book, Natania Barron, Jenny Williams, Corrina Lawson

When you’re a woman you’re supposed to be grateful for crumbs. I don’t want crumbs anymore I want the whole cake and the icing too.
—Billie Jean King 2005

The Cliffs of Insanity: Cosplayers

croft cropped

I followed the controversy surrounding how a member of the press treated Lara Croft cosplayers at PAX East, mourned Roger Ebert and Carmine Infantino, and went shopping for refrigerators.