PAX Prime: <em>Hyrule Warriors</em> Brings <em>Zelda</em> Fans Together

Nintendo brought together hundreds of The Legend of Zelda fans in a PAX Prime event to celebrate the franchise and check out Hyrule Warriors.

PAX Prime: Hands On With <em>The Elder Scrolls Online</em>

Hey, you got Skyrim in my MMO! Gamers at PAX Prime got their first look at the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online.

PAX Prime: How to Raise Happy Geeks

At PAX Prime 2013, GeekMoms and GeekDads joined together to present Raising the Next Generation of Geeks, enhanced by the presence of four geek offspring: the product, proof, and witnesses to our geek parenting ...

PAX Prime: The Next Generation of Geeks Speak Out on Bullying

At PAX Prime, the geek kids had their own valuable points of view on what it's like to grow up geeky today.

Join GeekMom and GeekDad at PAX Prime 2013!

GeekMom and GeekDad are back at PAX this year to bring you "Raising the Next Generation of Geeks" on Saturday, August 31.

Hoots up There? Building a Barred Owl Box

GeekMom Maryann shows you how to build and install a Barred Owl box for your backyard.

Comic Book Corner — <em>My Little Pony</em>, <em>Bitch Planet</em>, <em>The Tenth Doctor</em>, and <em>Multiversity</em>

Happy new comic book release day! This week we get a lesson in cyber-bullying with the Equestria Girls, check up on the Tenth Doctor, look in on Multiversity, and explore Bitch Planet.

Don’t Miss the Hour of Code – December 8-14!

Take advantage of this year's Hour of Code to introduce your child to programming, sharpen your child's programming skills, or even give programming a try for yourself

<em>Gravlander</em> Episode 3, a New Serial Story by Erik Wecks

Welcome back to Gravlander, a 10-part serial story set in Erik Wecks' Pax Imperium universe.

Our Epic Family Road Trip to GenCon

We took our two girls with us on our annual trip to GenCon this year, and it was a whole new adventure.