PAX Australia 2015 (Part 2): Indie Video Games Steal the Show

PAX Aust – The Hype! The Glitz! The Gaming! Evil Genius Mum has worked her way through all of that to find the five best video games for you and your spawnlings. What a sacrifice!

PAX Australia 2015 (Part 1): The Geek Social Hub

If the “geek shall inherit the Earth” then PAX is where they divvy up the loot. As an expo, it is a huge opportunity to try new games, find new talent, and “mingle with your people.”

Comic Book Corner — My Little Pony, Bitch Planet, The Tenth Doctor, and Multiversity

Happy new comic book release day! This week we get a lesson in cyber-bullying with the Equestria Girls, check up on the Tenth Doctor, look in on Multiversity, and explore Bitch Planet.