GeekMom’s Ultimate Birthday Party Playlist

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Got the kids gathered in the backyard ready to play and party, but only the mundane sounds of the neighborhood fill the air? Forget the Frozen soundtrack for the 100th time, and don’t stress about taking your chances on a Pandora station. Just use GeekMom’s picks below for the perfect all-ages, slightly geeky soundtrack for a birthday party, playdate, or fun-filled family time together.

1. Birthday – Caspar Babypants (iTunes/Amazon)
2. Popcorn – Recess Monkey (iTunes/Amazon)
3. Why Is Dad So Mad? – The Board of Education (Bandcamp)
4. Roy G. Biv – They Might Be Giants (iTunes/Amazon)
5. KidQuake! – The Not-Its (iTunes/Amazon)
6. Thingamajig – Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band (iTunes/Amazon)
7. Rockin’ Little Neutron Star – Beth Nielsen Chapman (iTunes/Amazon)
8. Jet Pack – Recess Monkey (iTunes/Amazon)
9. I Scream, You Scream – Frances England (iTunes/Amazon)
10. Gotta Be Me – Secret Agent 23 Skidoo (iTunes/Amazon)
11. Googly Eyes – Caspar Babypants (iTunes/Amazon)
12. Recess – Justin Roberts (iTunes/Amazon)
13. Dance Happy – Danny Lion (Bandcamp)
14. Rock, Paper, Scissors – The Not-Its (iTunes/Amazon)
15. Meet the Elements – They Might Be Giants (iTunes/Amazon)
16. The Princess Who Saved Herself – Jonathan Coulton (iTunes/Amazon)

And, all right, maybe toss “Let It Go” in there for good measure.

Do you have any favorite kids’ songs to add? Let your fellow party planners know in the comments below!

Kelly Knox

Kelly Knox

Kelly Knox is a mom and freelance writer in the Seattle area, where she writes for local parenting publications. She's also an occasional contributor to PBS Parents blog Adventures in Learning.

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Kelly Knox