Ten Geeked Up KitchenAid Mixers

A kitchen geek is lost without her KitchenAid. Sometimes I wish I had two or three of them, but I settle for having two bowls and multiple attachments for everything from casing sausage to extruding pasta. What I don’t have is an awesome design on it. I should work on that. Meanwhile, I’ll gaze at these:

If I could have made my Mass Effect costume out of batter instead of foam, this would have come in handy:

KitchenAid Brasil produced this special design:

Image: KitchenAid Brasil

Image: KitchenAid Brasil

Alas, most of us don’t live in Brazil. But you can buy decals for your KitchenAid designed for mixers that are blue. white, or red.

    Image: Alan Chris Ltd.

Image: Alan Chris Ltd.

You can always go hand-painted if you’re a committed DIY geek, but the easiest route is vinyl decals, and Etsy is a treasure trove of them. Click the names in the captions to go to their stores.

The KitchenAid’s shape practically screams Bullet Bill from Mario, doesn’t it? Mustard Seed Dream on Etsy makes a white vinyl sheet that when applied to your black KitchenAid looks like this:

I think if you put these TARDIS decals on your mixer, you’re obligated to make Ood rolls with it.

Or there’s the Batman option:

For cupcake pirates, wandering the seven kitchens looking for tiny dessert booty:

And finally, though not strictly geeky in the way the rest of these are, I couldn’t resist adding this:

Ruth Suehle

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  • http://www.jackiereeve.com Jackie Reeve

    Love. This. So much.

  • Ariane Coffin

    LOVE!!! Makes me wish I had a KitchenAir mixer. I already broke my mom’s a while back (got a spatula stuck in the beaters while it was running) so I’m not sure I should invest the money!

  • rachelcericola (@rachelcericola)

    I have a geeked-up KitchenAid! My husband got these for me last Christmas: