YouTube Launches Paid Channels With Many Kid Shows

YouTube Franklin channel

YouTube Franklin channel

Some of you remember when it was crazy to get more than 20 or 30 channels on your TV. Some of you even remember when you got more than two channels. YouTube has one million channels. Today they’re starting a pilot of a paid subscription program for certain partners among those million channels.

Subscription fees start at $0.99 per month (some with discounts for yearly subscriptions), and they all have a 14-day free trial. There are 53 channels in the initial pilot, most of which you won’t recognize from traditional TV. A few you likely do know include UFC, Franklin, and Jim Henson Family TV. The latter means legal, online, paid access to Sid the Science Kid, Fraggle Rock, the Pajanimals, and more. NatGeo Kids is on the list, as well as several other kid-friendly channels. The blog post about the launch mentions that Sesame Street will have a paid channel as well, though it’s not yet in the list. See the whole list of pilot channels.

Ruth Suehle

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