Samsung Galaxy Note II, Image: Samsung

Enter To Win a Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Nicole Wakelin

Nicole has her own blog, Total Fan Girl and hosts a segment on The D6 Generation gaming podcast. She also geeks-out over cars as Director of Automotive Content at She Buys Cars and as a contributor at BoldRide and BestRide. In her spare time, she's Mom to two geek girls and teaches them all the important things in life like Han shot first, vampires don't sparkle, and always carry a towel.
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Samsung Galaxy Note II, Image: Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Note II, Image: Samsung

Just in case you’re not sure you’re going to get exactly what you want this Mother’s Day, enter our Samsung Galaxy Note II giveaway and win yourself the perfect gift!

That’s right, we are giving away a Samsung Galaxy Note II in the carrier of your choice to one lucky GeekMom reader, just in time for Mother’s Day. This handy gadget is part phone, part tablet and all function. Especially if you’re tired of touchscreen keyboards that have your fingers typing gibberish, then you’ll love the S Pen that lets you write on the screen like you’re holding a pen and paper.

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment telling me why you need your very own Samsung Galaxy Note II and a winner will randomly be selected after the contest closes on Monday, April 15th at 12:00 midnight EST. Also, be sure you leave a means of getting in touch with you so I can let you know when you win.

Good luck and Happy Mother’s Day!

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Nicole Wakelin

Nicole has her own blog, Total Fan Girl and hosts a segment on The D6 Generation gaming podcast. She also geeks-out over cars as Director of Automotive Content at She Buys Cars and as a contributor at BoldRide and BestRide. In her spare time, she's Mom to two geek girls and teaches them all the important things in life like Han shot first, vampires don't sparkle, and always carry a towel.

  • Kathryn

    I need a Note because having to juggle my phone, my tablet, and my 2 young kids (and everything that follows them to the car), is quite difficult. With a note, I could leave the tablet at home and still have everything I need with me!

  • Lisa Loves Boston

    Love to have an upgrade from my laughable disposable phone–especially since I work as a consultant for an online nonprofit and can’t really ‘see’ our mobile website work. Plus, my geeky 11 year old would no longer have to be embarrased when I call someone in public!

  • Jenni_Froedrick (@Jenni_Froedrick)

    I need a smartphone I can see without putting my glasses on. :-)
    Also, my “good” smartphone is going away in a month when I’m laid-off. :-(

  • Steph

    I need a Note because I’m a graduate student in a field where networking and internet presence are becoming ever more crucial, and I could coordinate my research and online life all in one portable place.

  • Melissa

    I’d love a Note because my sausage fingers could really use some sort of pen input. And I’ve totally been itching to play with Jelly Bean.

  • James Semaj

    My wife would really love a Galaxy Note II to keep track of all her favorite recipes and also to help the kids out with their research for school projects. Thanks.

  • adrienne

    I’m a pen and paper kind of girl- I remember stuff much better if I write it out (even if I never reread it). The Galaxy II sounds like an interesting meld of motion with digital features.

  • Julie Esp

    I would love a note because my current, ancient phone just shuts down anytime it wants to. Also, I need to be geeked up a bit as I don’t even have a texting plan. Maybe a Smartphone will help my image.

  • Valerie Burnett

    Part tablet, part phone! Sounds useful! The pen-feature sounds really nice. I’ve been using swype, which makes life interesting. My older sister and her new gentleman friend were recently in town. In an email, I told her “I’m glad you’re enjoying your visit” but Swype made it, “I’m glad you’re enjoying your nudity.” I don’t even know how that came about! I’d love to upgrade to the Galaxy Note II.

  • Vicki Scruggs

    I have secretly been eying the galaxy note 2 for quite a while now. I would feel way too much mom guilt if i bought this. We are grandathered in to get unlimited data, but tricky verizon has made it that we can only buy phones and full price. Sneaky sneaky….so… I just keep on looking and wishing. πŸ˜‰

  • Peggi Lee

    I need a Galaxy Note II to replace my aging iphone. My all too tech savvy 14 year old son insists the Samsung is the way to go.

  • Lisa

    I would really love a smart phone and one that involves drawing/writing on the screen would be great! I don’t like touchscreen keyboards at all.

  • Flatlander In Vermont

    Mom of 3, trying to sell our current too small condo, buy a house, and keep everything (and everyone) running on schedule… is there really any doubt that I can use all the help I can get? heh

  • birthinthehammer

    Gosh, I desperately need a smart phone! I use my phone to help run my business and doing that on a non-smart phone and an ipod is a total pain in the rump!

  • Andrew

    My wife would love a note 2! She has been a great wife and mother and it would the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

  • EclecticGamer

    My wife really needs a new phone but refuses to get one for herself. She would love it.

  • Colene Trotter-Raitt

    I need a Note 2 because my first child will be arriving in September and I’m going to need all the help I can get!

  • Jenn

    I need a Note II because my current phone is a Palm Pixi- it’s slow, has a tiny screen and no apps- my 60+ yr old parents have smarter phones than me!

  • Jeff

    I’d like to win this great galaxy Note for my Wife to give her on Mother’s Day. She never gets to take her phone with her anymore because we only have two in the house and our daughter takes it with her everyday to call for a ride home when she needs one.

  • Danielle

    I need one because I just got the Galaxy S3 for my cellphoning and I’m obsessed with it. I want to get the Note II and pretend it is my phone’s cool older brother who just wants to be left alone.

  • Ben Curry

    I need a note so I can listen to even more podcasts when my iPhone battery dies!

  • Mandy Walters

    I could desperately use a smart phone of any kind as I am still using my old tried and true Net10 Samsung T401G Prepaid Phone. If that doesn’t ring any bells, it has a slide out keyboard and can only download/play MP3s, It also has that new fancy technology with 1.3 megapixel camera. Seriously, i’m just happy when it doesn’t shut off randomly. It would be awesome if you could upgrade me!

  • Christine W

    I need one because my clumsy husband first dropped his S3 on an airport shuttle bus (but fortunately the bus driver found it and we got it back) – then just a couple weeks later he dropped his phone, shattering the screen! So I need a nice new phone for me so he can have my S2! :)

  • Charles

    I need one to give to my wife as an anniversary gift. We got rid of our iPhones a couple of years ago to cut costs on our monthly bills, and she has been wanting to go back to a smartphone lately. I think she would like this because we have a Galaxy tablet and enjoy it.

  • Rene Foran

    I would love the Samsung Galaxy Note II because it’s time I start having nice things. :)

  • KtCallista

    Besides the fact that my current smart phone is COMPLETELY out of memory forcing me to remove many apps and pictures and is 4 years old //sigh. Plus I’m the most technologically indecisive consumer. I can use anything and I just want the decision to be over, hence why I’m using a 4 year old phone!

    I have better things to do than debate whether the Samsung or the iPhone is going to meet my needs better, I have geeklings to raise, robotics programs to run, volunteering to do, volunteers to gather, new stem programs to write, and cosplay costumes to make! I’m a very busy geekmom, I just need a solution.

  • Janelle

    Does it have to be a good reason? Because mine isn’t.

    I want a Note II, because I was a sucker and upgraded to my first smartphone last year and chose the Galaxy SIII. I adore my phone but I am constantly wanting to take notes on it and my finger is not as useful as a stylus.

    (And also, my husband thinks it’s hilarious that I hold an iPad Mini up to my head to make a call.)

  • debra

    Needs and wants. Do I really NEED one? Not so much. But it would be cool.

  • Denise

    As a single mom of 2 boys, I never buy myself anything like this and its time to upgrade my old, plain phone to something much more useful.

  • Erin Lee

    I want a Galaxy Note II because it would really annoy my husband if I had a better phone than he does!

  • Caroline Gray

    Please, I need to move into the 21st Century and get a mobile phone.

  • Trey

    I would love a Note as I do not have a smart phone at all (I know, all the kids think I am LAME!) and would LOVE to be mobile-y connected! Please help bring me it to the technology of the “future”…ok not even future of the present!

  • simongodofhairdos

    I would like the Note II because I have been using a hand-me-down phone ever since mine broke, and now the hand-me-down is starting to get a little…quirky. I’ve been trying to save up for a full retail priced phone because if I buy one with my upgrade, I lose my wonderful unlimited data.

  • Candice

    I can only type one word before having to exit the browser and reopen. For some reason the touchscreen and qwerty keyboard both stop working after a single word and there’s no fix for it. Being a sahm means no extra $$ for a new phone so I would love to win a functioning new phone!!

  • Jessie

    With a 2-year old and twins on the way next month, as well as a career shift from desk job to stay at home mom, I could really use something to keep my life in order! I have a tablet, but it’s too bulky (and inviting for toddler fingers) to use daily, especially with two extra kids’ worth of gear in the diaper bag!

  • JeCaThRe

    I want a Galaxy Note II for taking notes! I’m always being struck by story ideas and profound bits of wisdom when I’m out and about, and because I carry the smallest possible purse, there’s never room for a notebook.

  • eve6grl02Lianne

    I need one because I’m having a son in September and I have a lot of things to keep organized! Plus my husband doesn’t even know when mother’s day is so I’m not expecting much :)

  • Kim M

    I’m in my late 30’s and headed back to college- I can’t even imagine how handy this would be! Taking notes, managing my schedule, oh, and a phone, too!

  • Michelle

    I’m a single mom going back to work, and this will help me keep in touch while on the go.

  • Amy Clark

    I want a Galexy phone because I want to jump ship from my iphone because Siri keeps telling me bogus information! πŸ˜‰

  • Justibuster

    I’d love a Galaxy Note II for myself, but honestly, my wife would make the most use of it – juggling appointments for our special needs kids, an organizational tool like this would help her out so much. Plus, in the down time, she’d get a lot of use out of the more entertaining features like games.

  • Elena

    I want to win this for my son. He needs this for his homework and school projects

  • Jessica

    I want that phone because my current phone hardly works. I’m a stay at home mom of 2 and pregnant with #3. We don’t have a land-line, so in case of emergencies, I’d prefer a phone that didn’t decide to randomly stop working at inopportune times.

  • Michele

    Because I still have a “Go Phone” and people laugh at me!!!! Time to upgrade

  • dawn

    I need a galaxy ll note to replace my blackberry. Who has a blackberry anymore? My daughter tells people mommy’s phone is too old to play games…

  • Nicole

    I need a Galaxy Note II because I control all the household chores and funds for me and my husband, as well as our work schedules, and the care of our three cats. I currently use an aftermarket stylus with my Photon 4G that no longer holds a charge, and having integrated stylus would be amazing!

  • Geoff

    I need one, because you can only use a palm treo pro for so long before you have to give in and upgrade.

  • Veronica Gazaway

    I may be one of the few people left in the world without a smart phone!! I know a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would help me to keep track of my son’s appointments (autistic, congenital nystagmus 3 yr old). I can’t count the school events I’ve missed this year that I might have made if only I’d had a smart phone!! I also manage all the expenses, shopping, chores, household improvements for my husband (adult ADD) and I, and the only “down time” I usually get is an hour at lunch and all geeky / gaming sites are blocked at work!! Please help me maintain a bit of geekiness and perhaps get a few things done for my family πŸ˜€

  • Susan Kiefer Baumgartner

    I’ve never owned my own cell phone, let alone a smartphone. With 2 boys in elementary school and a part-time job at their school, I could really use one to stay in contact with them, their teachers, and access the wonderful world of geekdom whenever and wherever I want!

  • Jenny

    I’m in the would-love-to-handwrite camp! I’m not sure it would fit in my pockets, though I’d love to try.

  • Chris N Jen Duffey

    My wife could use a note as a busy home schooling mother of 5. We have found most smart phones are just too small for some of the more interactive lessons. The Galaxy Note would be a welcome addition to our little zoo of home schoolers.

  • Christina

    I’m a huge Samsung Galaxy fan! I would love to use it to take photos of my toddler and share them with friends and family at a distance. It’s also a great way to stay organized on the go.

    I can be reached at christinajones10 at gmail

  • Michele

    I need a Note because I’m a working mom who needs to stay connected in a technology-forward way, but I can’t always afford the latest gadgets. This would solve a lot of problems in one go!

  • Kristi S

    I’d love one because I’d love to actually be able to write, draw, or text without clicking all the wrong spots. I spend more time un-doing the spell check on texts than I do actually writing a text.

  • Meredith

    I really need this phone because I have a Samsung T404G through straight talk. It’s old, it’s not remotely a smart phone. And I need a smart phone for a reading app and to keep in touch with my daughter whose has gone off to college across the continent!

  • Katie

    if the winner is truly selected at random… I could tell you I need a Samsung Galaxy Note II to complete my blueprint for world domination with my trusty sidekick cat, Charles. He’s a little more Pinky and I’m a little more Brain.

  • Mike M

    My wife could really use more tablet capability out of her phone.

  • Randi

    I’d love to win because my cellphone is about 3 years old and finally starting to die on me.

  • Tristan Kelly David Cunanan

    Really need this one. Hoping,,because since then i dont have any phone :((

  • Cynthia David Cunanan

    As a Mom i want to have this one, lucky to have this. :( Hoping

  • Amee Bielski

    I am a mother of two little ones, a nurse and in Nurse Practitioner School and my outdated flip phone- yes flip phone is becoming more useless every day. The savings of having to purchase a smartphone would be a great relief to the family budget and my stress level. I have looked at these in the store and it is EXACTLY what I need- phone, touchpad, way to get online on the go – And it will fit in my pocket to boot- It is truly Phabtabulis.

  • Jeff L

    My wife is so frustrated with her outdated HTC Incredible 2 that she swapped phones with our 13 yr old daughter so she could at least make phone calls conveniently.She totally needs that Note to be able to quickly respond to her masters thesis adviser so she can finish her masters degree.

  • Stephanie

    I need to switch my comic collection to digital, and have a means to view them. Collecting the individual issues takes up massive amounts of space, but I don’t have any way to view digital comics so I can’t make the switch :(

  • SΓ©rgio Santos

    I need this phone because i’m in love for it!

  • Christopher Bohn

    My wife would benefit from receiving a Note II since the geekling tends to “borrow” the tablet for extended periods of time, so a phablet would help mitigate her withdrawal symptoms. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Erin

    I’d love the Note as a upgrade to my current phone – the battery is going and I’m terrible at “typing” on a touch screen. The option of a stylus would be wonderful.

  • C

    Oh boy, I’ve been eyeing this phone for quite awhile… I have never had a “Smart”phone and am unusually proud of my “dumb”phone that I’ve had for 6 faithful years (the case is starting to break and held together by a Mario bandaid). I need an upgrade! cfroggie(at)gmail(dot)com

  • amity

    I can’t even express how much I genuinely need this. I’m in college right now, on disgusting amounts of loan money, and my flip phone split in two pieces last month– I’ve been phone-less since, and can’t afford a decent new one. It’s affecting my school like, work life, social life, you name it. This would seriously be such a life saver.

  • Jonathan Smith

    My mom would love a new phone. Maybe she will start using Facebook

  • W Collie

    I need this phone because my phone was shattered beyond repair last month!

  • Stacy H

    I would love to give this to my fiancee as an encouragment gift. He has been out of work since November and hasn’t been getting any nibbles on his applications. I think it would raise his spirits a little bit to have a new gadget

  • K P

    This would be great to upgrade my old dead OS phone. I’ve been looking at switching over to Android and this would be a great phone to do that.

  • misri khan

    bcoz it will be great gift for ……………………

  • Teddy

    My wife could finally replace her old Android 2 phone. Yay Samsung!

  • Cory P

    This would likely go to someone in my family who needs a good phone upgrade, or (and really just as likely) it would be used as something for the Kids to learn how to interact with touch technology on.

  • Janice

    Please Please Please Please and Pretty PLEASE. My 3 year Andriod is so small and slow.Can not afford a new phone so my only chance in getting this Awesome phone would be to win it! Forget Mommy needs a new pair of shoes. Mommy needs a Galaxy Notebook II :) PLEASE

  • Alan

    I would love a note because I want to surprise my wife with a new phone for Mother’s Day to replace her amazingly old hand-me-down.

  • Mel

    This would be really great for my mom since it’s big enough to see what you’re doing on the screen.

  • Lena

    cause it is beautiful :)

  • Vincent Rivera

    It’ll be a sweet gift to my grandma If I win :) She doesnt know how to use a phone, So im gonna teach her from the bottom of my heart! My mom left when I was still a baby, and my grandma took responsibility of me, everything … she taught me the best things in life and to become a good and successful person someday, and now as a sign of gratitude for raising me to be a better person, I really wanted to give her something special (Hopefully I’ll win). She’s the best grandma I ever had!

  • Heather

    I’m a stay-at-home mom, and so I’ve always chosen tech that works for the family. We have an ipad that the kids occasionally share with us, and my computer has more singing software than photo editing programs! I’ve always chosen to use a basic (stupid) phone because I couldn’t justify the cost.

    But now we’ve moved to a new city, and I’m finding that I need a GPS often, and I really miss connecting with people. I want a smart phone, and the Note 2 has wowed me. (Stylus! Stylus! Squee!) Thanks for the chance to win one.

  • joanne gillespie (@opal59)

    I absolutely love technology. I want this phone so badly. I am obsessed with it and can’t wait 2 years.! Right now I have a blackberry which I hate and can’t upgrade for another 2 years. My daughter has this phone and I am so jealous. This phone would be so helpful with my job and everyday life. Please, Please ,Please

  • j wright

    I wanna win so I can give it to me wife. She is still using a Iphone 3G

  • Carlos Oliveira

    My wife would love this as a present for mothers day.

  • Chris F.

    I want to win the phone for my mom. It would be nice to be able to give her a nice gift for mother’s day.

  • Kerry

    I need a Galaxy Note to replace my HP Veer with a dead operating system. I’d definitely enjoy having an active app store!

  • Sahib Qureshi

    I am a geek and I reaaally want to gift this smartphone to my mom. You found your match!!
    Its been a long time since she’s been asking for a phone. What can be better than this?

  • Suzie Williams

    I want one to help manage my family’s schedule and simplify my life. Being able to email and research on the go at 4G speed would be awesome!

  • Ilja

    Although I never win anything, I would love to win a nice, Samsung Galaxy Note II!

  • Cory Leonard

    I need a note 2, because as a student and cell phone sales rep, i need the ability to take quick notes, and i need to stay away from the charger as long as possible.

  • Nela Ninka (@pink_psy)

    It would be awesome to win this phone because this “phablet” really lets you do lots of stuff that any phone wouldn’t normally do. IT would just my life easier and I could manage my time between work and personal life much better. Thank you for this opportunity!
    Contact: Vanjela Bellovoda

  • Debrajaye Dout

    My stepson put my phone in his pocket last week, and while upside down on a roller coaster. my phone flew out and landed in a pool of alligators nearby!

  • abhishek khandelwal

    I don’t want note 2 for me . I just want it for my elder brother , I love him and I want note 2 to gift him on his birthday .

  • cherry kimberly

    Wow! so sure i can’t get it because i’d have a money to buy it.. and i want to give that for my mother.. i dont know.. i think she will getting happy to have it.. yeah ^^ i hope i can get it.. i hope…

    just hope…


  • Beatrice Tan

    I would love a Samsung Note 2 as my Samsung Galaxy SL is outdated. lol

  • Kathy M.

    I need my very own Samsung Galaxy Note II because I want to be a ‘hipper’ Mom, and my limited pay-per-minute plan is so outdated.
    My non-smartphone has survived the doggy water bowl & the washer, but is left barely holding on to any signal bars. I couldn’t bare it if I missed an important call from my family members. (love them all, shhh) They all have smartphones, even the young ones … I want to play Food Ninja too!

  • Rico David

    I really want this, Hoping the Last minute

  • va2organizeyourlife

    I need this new Samsung Note II because my 4 year old Nokia non-touchscreen phone is begging to be retired. Practically every person around me has an Iphone or a Samsung device and I’m definitely lagging behind. I’m excited to keep in touch with all my friends and family from all over the world through social networking apps and my ultra-organized self can’t wait to get my hands on to-do apps and calendar apps so I can finally get rid of my paper planner.

  • Sajan Sebastian

    I saw and used Galaxy note from my friend and it is enormous. It is a smartphone with everything that one needs. The screen size is just right and has also the functions that are present in a tab. The S pen is handy which helps to save a lot of paper. Entertainment on the note is super too. No words…

    If all these make the note super, I can’t wait what note 2 does.

  • Christian Esparza

    I saw the Galaxy note I fell in love. I looked so luxurious and so big I just pictured my self watching movies from it as I waited for my bus to arrive. I really saw this in my head so please let my day dreams come true.


    I could use a Galaxy Note 2 to replace my phone and tablet and all the notebooks I carry around at work all the time.

  • Jeni Benson

    I am a mom of 5. I am a homeschooling mom, soccer mom, basketball mom, CYT mom, t-ball mom and many, many others. I would love this big, fancy phone to keep up with my big, busy schedule AND it wold help with homeschooling when we have to be at doctor’s appointments etc. As a mom of 5, I have very little fancy things for myself so this would make for an incredible Mother’s Day!!!

  • Cristina Mannise

    I will be the sexiest girl !!! with my NOTE 2, (I can picture it in white) I will not need my reading glasses yeah!!!! and this one will replace the Samsung 2 that was stolen from me. Could be a beautiful mother’s day gift.

  • imalka

    bigger than a phone, smaller than a tablet, This is a dream world any one will dreamd of ,5.5” HD Super AMOLED screen offers better clarity and a 16:9 screen ratio – perfecting all viewing experiences. The innovative design of the GALAXY Note II includes a bigger screen while maintaining a slim body to fit just right in your hand. I always dreaming to hold one ……………..

  • Savannah Bryant Walker

    I need a Galaxy Note II because I am in between juggling school a job and being a mom, a galaxy note II would help me balance all of this going on in my life. I would be able to stay on schedule and keep up with everything and every one.

  • rosie bartlett

    i really need a phone because i don’t have one and i have 12 pets which cost a lot of money per week and all the stuff i need for them and i can n ot afford on

  • nada qusay

    Hi , I need a note , because I am heading off to college soon and I need the organization and accessibility the galaxy note will afford me .I don’t want to ask my parents since I don’t want to burden them with the cost of getting such a multi-functional phone .my old phone is practically falling apart and I feel that in the technology department I am so far behind , I feel too embarrassed to take out my fossil of a phone.

  • duha alfahad

    Hi , I would love to gift the galaxy note 2 to my mom , she has done so much over the years and she deserves the best .and the galaxy note would be a good start.

  • tadd

    I need a samsung because i go out a lot and because i dont have one